Announcing Everest DAO


Imagine a future where voting, choosing, and ultimately deciding what you and the community of your favorite project wants were as easy as Providing Liquidity and Yield Farming. Where to get your opinion out there and spark a new solution, huge stakes and amounts of capital inaccessible to most aren’t required. This is the Everest DAO Vision.

Everest DAO is a platform made by Defi Users to Defi Users. It brings a genuinely decentralized voting mechanism and unifies governance for all protocols. A Vision where users with as little as $100 worth of assets can create proposals that obtain approval and essentially impact Billions of dollars. This is the Power of a truly decentralized DAO.

Below is a brief visual representation of how Everest DAO works.

With Everest DAO, Users now have access to:

  • Participate in a platform where Governance is truly decentralized for the masses.
  • Individuals can now have a bigger impact while traditionally having no significant influence over decisions.
  • Quickly organize and unite against a whale governance attack, protecting core Avalanche projects from exploits.
  • Much more.

Token Airdrop

To reward and engage the Avalanche Community, Everest DAO will disperse multiple airdrops, targetting addresses who have interacted with projects that make the ecosystem what it is today.

  • Pangolin
  • Snowball
  • YieldYak
  • Penguin Finance

These are only a handful of the projects that are building on Avalanche. Still, the work and adoption they brought to the Network are astonishing, propelling Avalanche to be one of the biggest Defi Ecosystems.

More details about the airdrop is coming soon. Note that the airdrop is retroactive, meaning that interacting with the contracts now won’t make you eligible.


When will Everest DAO go live?

As stated on the website, Everest DAO is scheduled to go live by Q3.

When will the Everest Token get deployed and listed?

The Everest Token is scheduled to get deployed on-chain by July.

How can I buy through the Fundraising Phase?

A more detailed post is coming soon, for now, you can check out this.

When will Staking and Yield Farming start?

After the Everest Token gets deployed, by Q3.

When Airdrop?

Soon after the Token launch.

Join The Discussion

Join the Everest DAO Community, and start engaging with other people who truly care about the Avalanche Ecosystem, and want to improve upon it.


Powered by Avalanche & Everest Labs.





⛰ Everest DAO is an innovation-driven project focused on tackling new and exciting products that range from DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and more.

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Everest DAO

Everest DAO

⛰ Everest DAO is an innovation-driven project focused on tackling new and exciting products that range from DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, and more.

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